You see (like a) bee.

Bees see the world through a violet shaded lens.
Step into the hive of YUSIBI
and see things differently!

YUSIBI brings you back to last summer when 48.398 buzzing worker bees diligently gathered nectar to make the purest honey. This natural gold was respectfully collected and turned into a 100% honey based aperitif by our expert distillers.

YUSIBI is smooth, elegant, surprisingly refreshing, slightly sweet, with aromatic floral notes, and has a spicy twist.

Enjoy YUSIBI with tonic or on the rocks. And see things differently!


We reinvented mead, one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in the world, into a modern and unique honey based aperitif of 20% ABV.

The colour of our bottle refers to the ultraviolet lens through which bees see the world.

We order every year wildflower mix to grow new flowers for those brave worker bees. #SAVETHEBEES

YUSIBI is 100% natural and honey is our key ingredient from start until finish of
the distillation process.

Looking for beelicous recipes? Go to www.yusibi.com